Hungry Jacks Breaks The Vegan Community


Hungry Jacks’ Vegan Burger!

Yesterday on the 2nd of October the Hungry Jacks Vegan Burger was released!

In a matter of minutes the Australian vegan community groups were flooded with posts regarding the Hungry Jacks vegan burger. Everyone having their own say on whether or not they thought it was a good idea. Shocking I know, vegans having an opinion on something?

All night long the posts flooded in, people posting screenshots of the Hungry Jacks post, sharing their experiences, arguing over the health, the cooking style, you name it.

The community went into a frenzy! But, was it worth it?

According to apparently not.

““But what does it taste like?” I hear nobody asking.

Put it this way. You know a burger is in trouble when the dominant taste is the shredded iceberg lettuce.

This is, by far, one of the blandest things I have ever consumed. And I once ate a box of wanton wrappers on a particularly dark day.” They write sharing images of their experience.

This here is the advertising image which shows a delicious looking burger.

This is what they received. Now obviously it’s never going to look like the advertising picture and as a vegan myself, that doesn’t look too appealing.

But I’m sure we have all had the Veggie whopper, No cheese, No mayo before! So is it any different? Does the vegan cheese and mayo actually make a difference to those that are actually going to consume it? Lynne Armstrong on Facebook gave the burger a nice review but pointed out something that will probably upset a lot of it’s vegan consumers, can you pick what it might be?

That’s right… Smack bang in the middle of the box we are reminded that Hungry Jacks serves 100% Australian Beef. A real kick in the teeth for those that are wanting the cruelty free edition to the menu.

All in all we still think this is a great step for veganism and the future of veganism as a whole, just this year McDonald’s was testing vegan burgers in some of their stores around the globe so it’s only a matter of time until everyone falls in suit. Once the big players start getting on board the smaller chains will follow.

Regardless of the taste I’m sure this burger will be a go to for any intoxicated, hungover or hungry vegans that just really can’t be bothered cooking and we look forward to making it a part of our weekend drinking routines.

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