Woman served only sauce and onion on her vegan pizza.


As we discussed in the latest episode of the podcast a vegan woman was served only sauce and onion on her vegan margarita pizza!

Mary Newbitt-Larking posted her poor excuse for a meal on Facebook after waiting over a hour for her food.

Mary was informed that the restaurant was out of cheese but still decided to order the pizza. Mary ordered some pine nuts to go on top to create a more fulfilling meal.

The real kick in the teeth was that although she paid an extra $3 for the pine nuts they still weren't anywhere to be seen.

What are your thoughts on the matter? What would your response have been after paying $16 for a pizza with only raw onion on it?

“Vegan food options are amazing, and Pizza Express are incredible usually, it was just that one time they failed so epically,” she said.

“It was so awkward because I’d waited over an hour and at that point I would have eaten anything as long as it was vegan.

“It tasted like undercooked flatbread with a whole tin of tomatoes over it that were really sour, and had raw, red onions on top.”

After posting the picture online and making a complaint, Ms Nesbitt-Larking contacted Pizza Express.

Mary ended up receiving an apology from the company along with a $90 voucher to be used in-store.

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